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*Various teaching handouts (featuring instructions, tips, examples, and models) that help with the reading, critical thinking, writing processes

*Links to read various selections of American Literature and World Literature online

 *English reading and writing advice



Tutoring: reading and writing skills as well as for particular assignments

$5-30/essay or research paper*

Pre-writing: brainstorming, webbing, organizing, and creating formal or informal outlines as well as advice on writing various types of paragraphs for the assignment


Editing: punctuation, grammar, spelling, word choices, and more


Revising: fixing style and tone, reorganizing sentences and paragraphs, rewriting sentence structures, adding / deleting sentences and paragraphs, and more


Combined Editing and Revising

*Depending on the page length (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30) of the assigned essay or research paper and your educational level (high school, undergraduate, or gradate)

Please MESSAGE ME for a reasonable estimate for larger projects. Payments through PayPal Home accepted.

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